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        Company Profile

        Company Profile

                 Founded in 2004, shenzhen GIFA industrial control co., LTD. GIFA is a state-level high-tech
        enterprise dedicated to r&d, production, sales and service of industrial control products 
        to provide customers with one-stop customized services, to meet the needs of customers in different
        industries personalized application. Products and solutions are widely used in network security, intelligent
        , smart retail, financial and medical industries.

                 Our mission is to "make customized smart heart for China", focus on the development of the
        industry and cutting-edge technology, attach great importance to the research and development of
        technology and innovation, the company will sell revenue every year 
        More than 8% of the investment
        in technology research and development, currently has more than 30 inventions and utility model
        patented technology, is a global strategic partner of Intel, is also POS 
        Industry modular standard
        (SPOSM) and retail industry smart store standard (SSNR) initiator and drafter.
                 The company adheres to the service concept of "making customers' products easier to
        manufacture", always adheres to the quality policy of "quality first, reputation first", and fully
        introduces ISO9001 quality 
        Volume management system, to provide customers with excellent products
        and services, committed to become a leading brand in the industrial control industry.